Tuesday, October 3, 2023

After Hotel Rates, Airfares Also Increase Ahead of India-Pakistan World Cup Clash

As the most sought-after match between India and Pakistan to be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium is round the corner, the airfares and hotel rates have surged to massive prices.

The ticket prices for the flights between Delhi-Ahmedabad and Mumbai-Ahmedabad for 14th October have skyrocketed. The one-way direct flights from Delhi to Ahmedabad or Mumbai to Ahmedabad are currently in the range of INR 15,000 – INR 22,000 (PKR 50,655.33 – 74,294.48) and the bookings are made three months in advance.

The overwhelming demand for the flights and searches on travel websites with fans excited to witness the match has resulted in a massive increase in the ticket prices. The huge demand also resulted in soaring hotel rates in Ahmedabad after ICC confirmed the schedule of the most anticipated clash between the arch-rivals.

Fans are going to great lengths to secure their place and watch the historic match of any tournament by booking their flights and hotels in advance.

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