Saturday, May 25, 2024

After Huge Decline Solar Panel Prices Now Witness Massive Increase

In Lahore, solar panel prices are rising again after a brief decline, causing concern among consumers.

Reports indicate that the cost of a 7 to 15 kilowatt system has surged by Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000, with a market increase of 6 rupees per kilowatt.

Detailed analysis reveals significant price hikes across various system sizes. For example, the cost of a 7 kW system has jumped by Rs 25,000, now priced at around eight and a half lakh rupees.

Similarly, the price of a 10 kW system has increased from Rs 1.15 million to Rs 1.2 million. The 12 kW system now costs Rs 1.45 million, reflecting a Rs 50,000 uptick. The 15 kW system has surged to Rs 1.6 million. These figures pertain to on-grid solar systems.

Consumers considering hybrid systems with battery integration will face additional expenses for batteries. With fluctuating solar panel prices, potential buyers are advised to stay informed and make well-considered decisions regarding their energy needs.

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