Tuesday, July 23, 2024

After Presidency, Arif Alvi Returns to Dental Treatments and Consultations

Former President Arif Alvi has returned to his dental practice and consultations, approximately eight months after finishing his presidential term. His son, Awab Alvi, shared the news on X (formerly Twitter), expressing excitement and stating, “We are thrilled to have him back, actively conducting consultations and dental treatments.”

Dr. Arif Alvi brings with him over 55 years of experience in dentistry, along with two specialist master’s degrees. His extensive knowledge and passion for the profession make his return to practice highly anticipated.

During his career, Dr. Alvi has made significant contributions to the field of dentistry. His expertise and dedication have earned him a respected reputation among his peers and patients.

Now, after serving as the 13th President of Pakistan for five years, he is eager to reconnect with his patients and continue providing high-quality dental care.

Dr. Alvi’s return to dentistry is seen as a positive development by many, as his vast experience and skills will greatly benefit his practice and the community. His commitment to his profession, even after holding such a high office, underscores his dedication to serving others in any capacity he can.

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