Sunday, June 4, 2023

After Sour and Sweet Gol Guppas, Now Here are Chicken Gol Gappas.

For gol guppas enthusiasts, the new variety of chicken gol guppas made a splash, the taste is such that the eaters are left eating.

Everyone keeps eating gol gappas, there are many favorites and many places are famous, but chicken gol guppas have never been eaten before.

In Multan, the children of Chacha Umardin’s gol guppas are all crazy, the taste of traditional twelve spices and chakkan with tadka is such that the eaters are left licking their fingers.

There have been waves of Multani chaturs, where enthusiasts turn to this small stall as the evening sets in, and are busy making fun by pouring a separate glass of khattai with crisp and crisp round guppas.

Gol gappe seller Chacha Umardin says that initially I started snacking first, then started sweets, and now started chicken wale alhamdulillah chicken response is getting right, the response of sweets is also getting right.

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