Saturday, July 13, 2024

After Wheat and Flour, Price Of Rice also Witness Massive Drop

Over the past two months, rice prices have dropped significantly, following the earlier decreases in wheat and flour prices. The price of rice has fallen by nearly Rs60 per kilogram, thanks to the effective measures taken by the Punjab government.

Different varieties of rice, such as Super Kainat, Super Basmati, and Super Kernal, have all seen price reductions ranging from Rs50 to Rs60 per kilogram. Super Kainat rice is now selling at Rs280 per kilogram, a reduction of Rs60. Similarly, Super Basmati rice is now priced at Rs210 per kilogram, reflecting a Rs50 decrease.

Market sources report that rice prices continue to fall, easing concerns about artificial inflation. This trend is expected to benefit consumers, making essential food items more affordable. The government’s policies seem to be effectively controlling food prices, providing some relief to the public amid economic challenges.

These reductions in rice prices are part of a broader effort to stabilize food costs and ensure that basic necessities remain accessible to everyone. The ongoing decrease in rice prices is a positive sign for consumers and indicates that the measures implemented by the Punjab government are having the desired effect.

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