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Ahead of the curve, Hush Puppies Pakistan wins Global Award for the Body Shoe

Firhaj, the official licensee of Hush Puppies in Pakistan is proud to announce that the brand won the Global Body Shoe Challenge amidst tough competition worldwide. Out of a pool of 160 countries Hush Puppies Pakistan was part of the shortlisted 7 before finally claiming the top prize. 

The brand has always positioned comfort at the heart of their product truth. Years of extensive R&D and after four decades of manufacturing the Body Shoe, they launched their latest edition this year. 

Mohammad Qasim, Managing Director Firhaj, commented: 

“We as a brand have always pushed the boundaries of comfortable fashion and recent consumer preferences has started showing the alignment with our brand goals and values. It gives us immense pleasure and confidence to keep engineering footwear focused on wellness for generations to come” 

The integrated campaign that won them the title, was based on an omni channel strategy in over 32 stores nationwide, including retail overhaul, mall activations and influencer marketing push, to connect with audiences and raise awareness about the category particularly the Body Shoe. Hush Puppies strived to engage Gen Z via Metanoia, a niche musical event. Product placement and awareness at the event hit the right spot for their primary target group i.e. people who look towards the brighter side and opt for comfortable fashion choices in their everyday lives. The Body Shoe Launch event “Bounce with the Body Shoe” was also based on the same lifestyle approach, where a trampoline installation had most attendees letting loose and being happy with their Feet Up! Body Shoe kiosks were set up around the event for event goers to experience and purchase. The Body Shoe’s impressive sales and penetration figures are testament to the success of the communication strategy and the hard work of the entire team working on the Body Shoe Project.

Meshaal Danish, former Brand Marketing Manager, speaking about the successful IMC, said: 

“Connecting with the athleisure-sporting audiences and making comfort cool was at the heart of our campaign efforts. We wanted to encourage and empower people to question the notion of fashion comes at a price to their wellbeing and I’m happy to see that we have succeeded in making our mark” 

The latest version of the Body Shoe lives up to its expectations. Aesthetically pleasing and inspired from athletic footwear, it is engineered keeping the latest stress reduction and cushioning technology in mind. The product itself is well received by the consumer in terms of fashion and comfort and that’s indicative by the sales numbers including repeat customers every time a new edition is launched.

In conversation with Rizwan, Head of Merchandizing, at Firhaj said: 

“We have always understood the needs of the consumer and with global trends indicating that 2/3 people wear athleisure, the responsibility to keep innovating the Body Shoe became a vital goal for us” 

Congratulations are in order for the brand surely but also for Pakistan because its not everyday that the brighter side of the country is represented on the global stage.

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