Monday, October 2, 2023

Ahsan Imam Owner of Imam Carpet Co. Developing the Landscape of Pakistan’s Carpet Industry

The pre-eminence of carpet manufacturing has been conspicuous for the two neighboring countries of the subcontinent, with few of the top Muslim carpet manufacturers bringing their prestigious work of art to this half of the partition with hopes to continue the legacy forward.

Imam Carpet Co. is one of the bodacious names for carpet manufacturing that have conjoined that particular legacy with their family heirloom i.e. hand-knotted carpets. Ahsan Imam, the flag bearer of Imam Carpet Co. is one of the most renowned carpet designers and a machine-made carpet sourcing specialist in Pakistan.

He’s the successor of one of the prominent Muslim families that migrated all the way from UP(India) – from a small village near Mirzapur called Badohi, which is enthusiastically acclaimed as one of the superlatives for uniquely patterned handmade carpets.
Ahsan Imam strives to develop the carpet exporting landscape of the country with carpets having intricate patterns and novel textures and weaves that speak sophistication and class.

He stood firm when the carpet export market plummeted due to soaring duties and rising fares and operated with sheer resilience and sophistication to bring the knotting industry back on track.

Ahsan Imam has done major projects in the country, working hand-in-hand with famous architects and designers. Imam Carpet Co. offers a variety of carpets including broadlooms, carpet tiles, and exclusively designed bespoke rugs sourced from Egypt, Turkey, China, Germany, Malaysia, UAE, Belgium, and South Africa

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