Wednesday, February 21, 2024

AI System Is Now Collecting Toll Tax at M9 Motorway Toll Plazas

The Karachi-Hyderabad (M9) motorway has begun collecting toll taxes using an Artificial Intelligence technology, which not only saves time but also helps drivers by eliminating long lines at toll plazas.

The contemporary technology has been installed at the M9 highway’s Hyderabad, Karachi, and other interchanges, according to M9 authorities, and is currently in the pilot phase.

When a car enters an interchange, it is not halted; instead, the AI system uses high-definition cameras to snap photographs of the vehicle’s number plate and the driver.

And when the car arrives at a toll tax gate to depart the highway, an automatic camera compares the images to those obtained earlier, calculating the distance and, as a result, the toll tax. It is subsequently presented to the toll tax collector, who receives the payment from the motorist.

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