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Air Blower Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Air Blower that Worth Buying

The air blower is an easy-to-use and straightforward electric tool commonly used in homes, large halls, industries, and construction sites. Generally, air blowers are used to away dust intensely from every corner of that place.

It is also used to remove dust from the electronic and straightforward gadgets dedicated parts where dust cannot be released quickly by simple methods. In addition, air blowers save much time by using continuous air pressure techniques and keep away from the effort required for cleaning dusting tasks.

How does the air blower work?

An air blower works by sucking air through an impeller located at its center. This way, it produces a spiral airflow by creating dynamic pressure. Through this pressure, air comes out of the blower.

The air blower works at different speed options for different types of cleansing purposes. Therefore, the user can efficiently set the speed level required to complete the task.


Air blower features are listed below.

  • They come into the market with blowing and extraction features for efficient working.
  • They have a variable speed control option that is useful while performing various functions.
  • The air blower adds a solid and comfortable grip. As a result, when users use it for a long time, it provides minimal effort and fatigue.
  • They come in lightweight, but the material used in their manufacturing is strong.
  • They are also available in cordless form.
  • The air blower does not generate much noise compared to other electric devices. That’s why they can be used without disturbing the environment and neighbors.

Air blower Types

Air blower Types

The following types of air blowers are available in Pakistan. They differ based on capacity, application, size, and design of blades.

Forward curved air blower

In this type of blower, blades are set in a curved direction. That allows for creating high velocity when rotating at minimum speed.

Forward curved air blower

Backward curved air blower

In a Backward air blower, blades are put away from the direction of blades rotation. Thus, it allows for rotation of the blades at a much higher speed than the forward-curved. It is usually used in tasks that need high static pressure.

Airfoil blower

These blower blades are in an airfoiled shape and curved towards the outer end.

Airfoil blower

Radial blower

The radial blower does not have curved blades. It is generally used in small exhaust and cooling systems.

Radial blower

Air Blower Price in Pakistan

Air blower price in Pakistan 2023 varies depending on their type, size, and capacity. However, their price usually starts from PKR. 500 above. Some of the best air blower prices in Pakistan are given below.

Air blower name Price in Pakistan
Hongxin H7188 mini portable air blower for hairdryerPKR. 650
DC air blower 12V 100% copper winding blower home and car dust air cleanerPKR. 3,600
Imported portable electric air blowerPKR. 2,049
Fixed speed air blower high-quality 500W hand portable air electric dust blower and vacuum cleanerPKR. 1,899
Electric blowerPKR. 5000

Best Air Blowers that are Worth Buying

Below is the list of the best air blowers worth buying in Pakistan.

Hongxin RH7188 mini portable air blower for hairdryer

Hongxin RH7188 mini portable air blower for hairdryer has the following specifications and features.

  • Lightweight and carry product
  • Available in various colors
  • Foldable design
  • Low consumption of power.
  • 1000W built-in power
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Portable

DC air blower 12V 100% copper winding blower home and car dust air cleaner

It has the following specifications and features.

  • 12V blower with 600 to 1000W power
  • Available in red color
  • 16000 r/min speed and 50Hz frequency

Imported portable electric air blower

It comes with the following specifications.

  • 220V to 230V with 50Hz frequency
  • Speed: 13000 rpm
  • It comes with a dust bag that is removable and washable
  • Dual function power plus vacuum cleaner
  • Power: 500W
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Available in multiple colors

Fixed speed air blower high-quality 500W hand portable air electric dust blower and vacuum cleaner

Its specifications and features are given below.

  • Power: 500W
  • It comes with a powerful motor for efficient cleaning
  • It has a long life and high quality

Electric air dust blower

Electric air dust blower specifications and features are as follows.

  • Power: 600W
  • Professional handheld air blower
  • Good or use in homes, gardens, and office
  • Flexible rubber nozzle
  • 100% copper wing motor

Factors that should be remembered when buying an Air blower

The following factors should be recognized while buying an air blower.

  • Choose the air blower that is light in weight and consumes less energy to be used for a long time.
  • Select the blower that should be easy to operate, handle, store, and maintain.
  • Also, check the noise level while buying. A reduced noise level is good as it does not disturb the surrounding environment and neighbors.


Here is the air blower price in Pakistan 2023 and the list of best air blowers. You should select the one that suits you according to the task.

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