Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Air Patrolling Unit of the Islamabad Police Force been formally launched

The interior minister revealed that the Islamabad police department has a dedicated air patrolling team. Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed remarked at a press conference that the Islamabad Police had formed an air patrolling section with extra officers.

The new air security unit will initially operate with 12 drones and two locators for real-time tracking and surveillance. The unit would collaborate with the Islamabad Police Department’s Safe City project.

The air support unit provides effective airborne surveillance as well as additional support to the police department’s patrol and specialized units. According to Islamabad police officials, the unit will improve officer and public safety, reduce crime, and strengthen the city’s security. In late 2020, police in Pakistan’s capital city began using drones to track suspects, expand the scope of police surveillance, and ensure public safety.

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