Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Airbags Installation Means Higher Car Prices: Toyota CEO

“Dear manufacturers, airbags must be installed in every vehicle,” the LHC notice stated.

“Sure, but that will take time, and adding airbags will raise car prices,” said Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) CEO.

He replied that dual airbags are standard on all Toyota IMC vehicles, 80 percent of Honda Atlas vehicles have airbags, and 50 percent of Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) vehicles have airbags.

“The Engineering Development Board (EDB) was directed by the Lahore High Court to create regulations for the installation of airbags in automobiles. The automakers, on the other hand, did not obtain any legal notice from the government. Nonetheless, we were informed of the situation and attempted to prepare for the forthcoming order. It is, however, impossible to install airbags in every vehicle on such short notice. As a result, the producers will need time to introduce this, and once they do, car prices will inevitably rise.”

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