Saturday, June 15, 2024

Airline Introduces Child-Free Zones on its Long Flights

Turkish-owned Corendon Airlines has taken a unique approach to offer passengers a quieter flying experience by introducing special zones on its flights that are exclusive to adults. This innovative service, known as the ‘Only Adult’ zone, is designed for travelers aged 16 and above.

It will be located at the front of the plane on flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The zone will have 93 reserved seats, separated from the rest of the aircraft by walls and curtains.

Passengers who wish to sit in this special area can do so by paying an extra fee of €45 for a one-way ticket. There are also a few seats with extra legroom available for €100 per flight.

The founder of Corendon, Atilay Uslu, explained that the introduction of the child-free zone is meant to provide a peaceful environment for passengers who want a quieter flight. Uslu also mentioned that this feature could be helpful for parents traveling with children, giving them a chance to relax without worrying about potential disturbances caused by their kids.

While Corendon is leading this concept in Europe, several international airlines like AirAsia X and Scoot have already introduced similar adult-only zones on specific flights.

While some airlines like TUI, KLM, and Transavia currently have no plans for child-free zones, the idea has caught the attention of travelers. A survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of American adults support the concept of having adult-only areas on planes and trains.

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