Sunday, July 21, 2024

Airpods Patents Future Airpods Case with Touchscreen Display

Apple has submitted a patent application for a potential touchscreen AirPods case. According to the patent, the cover might provide details about the AirPods, such as battery life, music playback options, and more.

A case for AirPods with a small touchscreen display on the front is depicted in the patent application. The battery life of the AirPods, the condition of the patent, and other pertinent information could all be displayed on display.

According to the patent, the touchscreen display may also be utilised for navigation and control, enabling users to access different AirPods functionalities without using their phones. This might entail listening to music, changing the volume, and more.

Users might find the AirPods case to be handier and streamlined if it has a touchscreen display because they wouldn’t need to remove their phone to check the battery life or manage to play.

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