Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Alarming Situation for Pakistani Students in Kyrgyzstan! “Urgent Help Needed”

Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan are facing a critical situation after a series of violent clashes at student hostels in Bishkek. The trouble began following a harassment incident involving Egyptian female students on May 13. This incident quickly escalated into violent confrontations between different student groups. Armed attackers with batons forcefully entered hostel rooms, injuring several Pakistani students.

Students have taken to social media to share their fears and call for help:
“We are extremely scared and need immediate help. The situation here is very dangerous.”
“Our hostels were attacked, and many of us are injured. We urge the authorities to ensure our safety.”

The unrest has created a highly tense and unsafe environment for international students, particularly Pakistanis. The attackers’ aggressive actions, using weapons like batons to break into rooms, have left many students injured and traumatized.

In response, Pakistan’s embassy in Kyrgyzstan has issued a strong advisory for Pakistani students to stay indoors and avoid any further risks. Pakistan’s ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Hasan Zaigham, took to social media to alert students of the dangers and assure them that the embassy is working closely with local law enforcement to secure their safety.

The embassy has been inundated with calls and messages from students and their families, seeking updates and assistance. Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, a spokesperson for the Pakistani foreign office, confirmed that the embassy is addressing hundreds of inquiries and is committed to providing the necessary support to the students.

This alarming situation underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures and prompt action from the authorities to protect the well-being of Pakistani students and all those affected by the violence. The students are hoping for a swift resolution to restore peace and safety in their living environments.

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