Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ali Zafar Joined PML-N or PTI? Fans Question Attire Choice at Toronto concert

The Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar recently became involved in a political scandal because of his attire choices while performing in Toronto.

Ali Zafar responded by stating on Twitter that the jacket he was wearing, which had several insignia of political parties on it, was a “gift” and that he was just wearing it for the soundcheck. He shared close-up pictures of his sweatshirt, showing that it had a variety of symbols like a bat, an arrow, and others

Some individuals praised Zafar and his attire, while others chastised him for representing a “political party” and “supporting controversial parties.” Despite Zafar’s reasoning, other people disagreed and said he should be held accountable for his support of such groups.

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