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Pakistan Armed Forces Ranks – All you Need to Know About


Pakistan Armed Forces are viewed as one of the biggest and best on the planet. While there are a few military powers in Pakistan, three of the significant ones are Pakistan Army, Pakistan army doctors, and Pakistan Air Force. 

The structure of the Pakistan Army Ranks is predominantly founded on British Army positions however the position construction of different positions workforce and emblem is unique. In this article, we have clarified the rundown of Pak Army Ranks from most elevated to least.

Ranks in the Pakistan Armed Forces

since the tactical powers of the sub-mainland used to battle for the british for a long time before autonomy, a comparable positioning design is followed as the english soldiers right up ’til today. as needs are, the military, naval force, and the flying corps all have a few degrees of positioning officials that order the selected soldiers and assist them with becoming fight prepared. This artcile will tell you about pakistan army ranks and salary.

Pak Army Ranks List

Pak Army Ranks , Insignia , Basic pay scale and Structure | Ababeel -  YouTube

Here is the list of positions in the Pakistan Army:

• Second Lieutenant

• Lieutenant

• Skipper

• Major

• Lieutenant Colonel

• Colonel

• Brigadier

• Significant General

• Lieutenant General

• General

• Field Marshal

Fundamentally, The Pak Army positions are separated into three sections.

• Charged Officers

• Junior Commissioned Officers

• Non-Commissioned Officers

Officials and Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) of the Pakistan Army wear their position emblem on the shoulders of their khaki uniform while Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) wear the rank symbol on the arm. All military faculty in CCD wear symbols on the chest.

Back in the early long stretches of cover uniform, the SSG and ordinary Pak armed force positions symbol were worn on the chest. Indeed, this example changed in the period of General Kayani when the symbol was eliminated from the chest in CCD. Also, the Khaki uniform has a similar style for wearing positions.

Officials and JCOs wear their positions on the shoulders then again NCOs wear on arm). Got an inquiry in your brain that for what reason do they move from shoulders to the chest? Indeed, we got numerous specialized subtleties behind this change.

There are distinctive Pak Army Ranks and symbols that depict their positions. Pakistan’s military is the uniform division of Pakistan’s military in ground fighting. It was presented on 14 August 1947 when Pakistan was distributed on the world guide. It has a remarkable spot in Pakistan’s tactical powers since it has consistently required the country.

It has around 550 thousand military powers and around 500 thousand stores, 185 thousand public watchmen, 6599 common faculty, and 316 human-manned airplanes. The GHQ Rawalpindi is its central command.

Pakistan army ranks among world's 10 most powerful militaries

Pak Army Ranks Grades And Salary




second Lieutenant


40,000 to 50,000



50,000 to 55,000



55,000 to 60,000

Major (MAJ)



Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-col)





96,000 to 104,000



1,50,000 to 1,75,000

Major General


1,75,000 to 2,00,000

Lieutenant General


2,50,000 to 3,00,000


Apex scale

3,10,000 to 3,50,000

Why is the army in Pakistan dangerous for democracy? Answer goes back to  1947


Chief’s Pak Army Rank is an official position that is customarily reliable with a tactical organization’s order. Not many flying corps and maritime powers likewise utilize the position. Today, an official or second leader is typically an infantry battery or a mounted guns battery.

Commander is the NATO nations characterized by the OF-2, which positions one above OF-1 and one underneath OF-3 (significant or commandant)


The primary lieutenants are answerable for battling detachments when going about as his corporate head, ordinarily a chief, top dog. Shield divisions see the primary lieutenants driving tank commissions in battle and destroying troopers.

Second Liteutenant

A passage-level appointed official in the Pakistani Army is the subsequent lieutenant. In the second crew of 20 to 45 men, a few rifle crews directed by the senior non-appointed official are normally put compelled. The second lieutenant’s essential job is to fight infantry troops, working intimately with the sergeant and two group pioneers. The subsequent lieutenant coordinates and the sergeant sends those orders to the crew chiefs and different warriors.

Major (Maj)

Majors are regular staff rather than on the front line. They may likewise be liable for directing an authoritative or calculated team.

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col)

Lieutenant Colonel Pak Army Rank orders a brigade with a certified NCO partner of up to 1,000 soldiers. They may likewise be picked for a team as chief/superiors.

Major General

The significant general is the most elevated super durable position of formally dressed powers, given that the higher positions are proficient and associated with exceptional tasks. Simultaneously, essentially these officials are qualified for their most significant level of profit.


In the Pak Army Ranks, Colonel is a senior official. Colonel’s position alludes to a Pakistan Navy chief and a Pakistan Air Force bunch skipper. As in many Armies, the position is above and beneath the position of a lieutenant colonel. In Pakistan, the position of Brigadier is advanced by more than 140 colonels, and in the position of colonel above 200 lieutenant colonels.


The most reduced position of an overall official is a Brigadier-general Pak Army Ranks. An overall unit is a senior to a Colonel or Naval Captain and a lesser to an Admiral. While colonels currently order detachments in the military, the position title brigadier-general is as yet utilized.

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General is a positioning Pakistan Army Three-Star Army Soldier. It alludes to the Federal Office Secretary, the Vice-Admiral in the Pakistan Navy, and the Pakistan Air Force’s air marshal. An overall lieutenant is otherwise called an overall three-star.

This position is higher than a general and lower than a general, as different armed forces. Presently, the Pakistan Army contains 28 Lieutenant-Generals, every one of one corp. Lieutenant General Commanders work for the most part as high commandants, for instance, soldiers’ leaders, or as significant level staff in the Army, as in the TRADOC or order powers.


Its essence and authoritative capacity are covered by the Pakistan Constitution, which is planned to go about as the Pakistan Armed Forces’ territory-based uniform assistance unit. Today there are two officers in the Pakistan Army, Nadeem Raza, and Qamar Javid Bajwa.


  • Grade: 16
  • Compensation: 70,000

The Sub-Director is the most noteworthy position of the Pak Army armed force (dependent upon an inability to test


  • Grade: 5
  • Compensation: 20,000

In the military, officers are named. Numerous cutting-edge military powers have means of transportation battling fighters on the ground, like tanks, airplanes, and helicopters. Fighters do a ton, from the fire on adversaries to exhumed cautious channels.

You’re accustomed to shielding your nation or to assaulting the multitude of another country. A conventional day for a well-trained warrior includes preparing, working in the tactical forte (MOS), and fundamental officers

Pakistan Air Force Ranks

Ranks, BPS Comparison of Pakistan Army, Navy and PAF - Pakistan Hotline

Presently, we should examine the positions of the Pakistan Air Force thoroughly below:

Pilot Officer (Plt-Off)

The initial step to turning into a dispatched official with the Air Force is to turn into a Pilot Officer. This job requests on-ground obligations to be satisfied on the way to turning into a Flying Officer.

Flying Officer (Flg-Off)

Flying Officers may not fly right now. Many are aircrew or on-ground support, while some have the order of trips on-ground bases.

Flight Lieutenant (Flt-Lt)

Having a decision to join the aircrew or the on-ground branches, Flight Lieutenants are frequently provided control over a little unit, ordinarily of extraordinarily prepared officials.

Group Leader (SQN-LDR)

Group Leaders get going with directing ground-based tasks and units. They will be approached to regulate a crew that is in their preferred specific division. They may likewise be approached to order a little flying group dependent on the Wing Commander’s endorsement.

Wing Commander (Wg-Cdr)

Flying groups are for the most part directed by a Wing Commander, who may likewise administer a Squadron Leader after giving them a couple of military units to supervise. Wing Commanders may likewise decide to order a regulatory wing rather than a flying group.

Bunch Captain(GP-CAPT)

Administering preparing organizations and flying bases are two of the center jobs of a Group Captain. They may likewise have control over military flight units, called gatherings.

Air Commodore (Air-Cdre)

Air Commodores for the most part stand firm on senior footings inside gatherings and are viewed as air officials. They might order gatherings or settle on-ground positions on the base.

Air Vice-Marshal (AVM)

Military flying units or gatherings are by and large directed by an Air Vice Marshall. The job is additionally usually known as the Chief of the Air Staff, including the scope of obligations.

Air Marshal (Am)

Going about as the Commander in Chief of the Air Force or taking on comparative senior positions, Air Marshals are second to Air Chief Marshals. Military pilots may likewise be granted this high-positioning position dependent on their administration history.

Air Chief Marshal (Acm)

The Air Chief Marshal is typically the Commander in Chief of the Air Force, and it is the most noteworthy position offered in the Pakistan Air Force.

Facts You Did Not Know About Pakistan's Armed Forces

Army Doctors Rank In Pakistan

Payments: Doctors on charging in the AMC are allowed the position of Captain (or identical position in Navy/Air Force) in the size of Rs. 9450-9600-300-11400 or more position pay Rs. 400/ -, Non-rehearsing recompense at the pace of 25% of the Basic Pay and Dearness Allowance (all-out payment at least of Pay Scale (Rs.

Following a half year preparing in PMA ( AFPGMI for females), a tactical specialist gets appointed in the position of (direct) Captain ( bypassing 2/Lt and Lieutenant positions) and rises to higher positions, eventually arriving at the position of Lt General (second most elevated position of armed force, a three-star General.) In the Pakistan army, the pay of doctors is usually rupees 40,000. The salary of a Captain starts round 50,000 PKR while that of a Major around 60,000.

Benefits Of Military Doctors

  • Safe working environment
  • Dignity and respect
  • Better working services and facilities
  • Merit-based progress in career


After reading this article, most of you will be aware of the Pakistan army ranks and salaries. Being Pakistani, it is significant for us to recognize the whole thing about the army after all this army force looks after our boundaries.

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