Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Allow Corruption If Salary not Increased’, Govt Officer Requested PM Shehbaz Sharif

If the salary is not increased, corruption should be allowed, the expenses are not being met due to inflation , FBR Inland Revenue employees asked the Prime Minister for permission to do corruption . According to the details, FBR Inland Revenue employees wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and sought permission for corruption .

According to the report of Dunya News, FBR Inland Revenue employees have said in a letter to the Prime Minister that severe inflation Due to the fact that the household expenses are not being met by the salary, the salaries of the employees of NAB, FIA and other institutions including the PM office are high, Prime Minister approve to provide executive allowance for FBR Inland Revenue employees.

In the letter , it is said that due to inflation and rising expenses , besides saving money for the future, a debt of millions of rupees is mounting.

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