Saturday, July 20, 2024

Almost $2 Billion Going to Afghanistan From Pakistan Per Month, Says Chairman Exchange Commission

According to Malik Bustan, Chairman of the Exchange Companies Association, 2 billion dollars are expected to be sent to Afghanistan each month, with Afghan businesses paying up to 30 rupees more than the open market to buy dollars in Pakistani rupees.
Malik Bustan, speaking at a conference with the Chairman, General Secretary, and other ECAP members at the Karachi Press Club, warned political parties that Pakistan’s enemies are targeting its ideology, army, officers, and politicians. Yes, politicians should sit down at a table and solve the economic crisis, save the state, since there will always be politics if there is a state.
According to Malik Bustan, the country’s biggest challenge, after politics and the economy, is the availability of dollars, which is why Afghanistan needs dollars. Every month, it is estimated that $2 billion is sent to Afghanistan.

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