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Aly Fahd, Pakistani-American working at Amazon, has enabled $6 Million+ Investments for Pakistani Startups

Aly Fahd, the CEO of, was born in Lahore, and since his birth, he never had a chance to stay in one city for more than two years as his father was serving in the government of Pakistan. Aly moved to the United States of America for his higher education twenty years ago; however, the land of the U.S had a great impact on him. Assimilating in a new culture was not difficult for him, and he made new friends in the U.S belonging to all around the globe.

Aly Fahd, along with his six other friends out of San Francisco, CA founded Paklaunchdotcom on the 29th of April, 2020; they made this platform an exclusive community to help and support the Pakistani entrepreneurs via funding and transferring knowledge in different domains.

This platform has successfully enabled $6 Million+ investments for Pakistani startups in only last six months supporting Education Curriculum development in Pakistan, modernizing agricultural mill to use as a role model for other factories and industries, fundraising for Charities like Child life Foundation, helping develop chip design expertise in Pakistan by connecting professors and students from various universities, etc.

Initially, Paklaunch was launched as a WhatsApp group in order to connect the Pakistanis in the Bay Area. However, the mission behind this platform was and currently is to bring job opportunities to the homeland country, Pakistan and to uplift and upskill talented Pakistanis.

Paklaunch has grown up to 5000+ members across the globe, with over 70% of members based outside Pakistan in only 15 months. Paklaunch currently manages fourteen focused WhatsApp groups that are for sharing the information and knowledge for Investments, E-commerce, Education, Social Innovation, Macroeconomics, Real Estate, Stocks, Crypto, Product Management, Supply Chain etc. All-in-all, the members of the community cover 16 different focus areas.

Moreover, Paklaunch members include distinguished entrepreneurs, unicorn founders, local & global VCs, Angel investors, bankers, change-makers etc. The funds have been raised for charitable projects, knowledge transfer programs and much more.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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