Saturday, July 20, 2024

Amazon Rain Forest is World’s Largest Forest and has Presence in 9 Countries

Unparalleled in its dense vegetation and beauty, Amazon Rain Forest is carpeted over 5.5 million square kilometers boasting its gigantism. The forest has flourished wonderfully over 55 million years spanning its parts 9 countries.

The forest homes 1/10th of Earth’s species including numerous types of wildlife flora and fauna. An estimated 290 trillion trees stand tall in the forest providing wonderful habitat for iconic species including Jaguars, Toucans, monkeys, spiders, sloths, and many others.

Unfortunately, human activities have resulted in loss of 20% of its size which equals the size of Burmese Rainforest, Valdivian Rainforest, and Primorye Forest. An approximate loss of 90% is a consequence of deforestation for livestock farming.  

The massively dense Amazon Forest shares its parts in 9 countries including Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, French Guiana, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and France. Owing to the rapid changes in weather due to Global Warming, the forests must be saved at all costs.

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