Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted Salesflo in Malaysia!

Salesflo, an award-winning SaaS based company in Pakistan, was recently hosted by Amazon Web Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The two-day session enabled AWS & Salesflo teams to discuss the importance of cultivating a culture of innovation in the global technological landscape. The teams discussed the role of security and governance in an increasingly digitized world and analyzed the significance of new leadership principles in a rapidly changing industry. They were able to put a strong emphasis on best practices and optimization brought about by AWS technology.

As a Cloud Native company that uses AWS cloud as the backbone for 100% of its operations, it was a fantastic opportunity for them to engage directly and learn from the main source that enhances its potential. Salesflo has successfully automated the distribution value chain including order aggregation, leveraging AI for voice-based order placement, automated claims, AI-based order generation, order placement through machine learning, advanced image recognition and analytics. Salesflo is continuously enhancing its products and capabilities stay one step ahead versus the ever-changing dynamics of the retail world.

The diverse industry experience has allowed them to grow exponentially and build highly scalable products. Salesflo currently boasts an international presence in 6 countries including Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, North America, Myanmar and Ghana with a further plan to enhance their global footprint.

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