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An iPhone Saved the Lives of 10 Young People

For the first time, Apple’s iPhone 14 series included the ability to send emergency SOS messages via satellite.

This feature is critical for people’s safety, and its primary goal is to save lives.

This feature allows you to send text messages without using a cellular signal or Wi-Fi.

This feature has now saved another life, but this time it saved the entire group.

According to NBC News, a group of young people hiking in Southern California became disoriented.

The group of ten was hiking in a canyon in Los Padres National Forest when the teenagers got lost and wandered for three hours.

According to Ventura County Deputy Sheriff Mackenzie Spears, most hikers are unprepared for their trip and become disoriented in difficult conditions.

He claims that most people wear T-shirts and shorts instead of the proper hiking attire, despite the fact that the route is quite difficult.

Fortunately, one of the missing group members had the emergency SOS feature enabled on his iPhone and called for help at 8 p.m.

People can also share their possible location and situation details with aid workers using this feature.

After calling for assistance, the rescue team located and returned the group of youths after a three-hour search.

According to the rescue team, this is the largest group of youths ever rescued in such conditions, and none required medical attention.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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