Sunday, July 14, 2024

Another PIA Flight Attendant Goes Missing in Canada

Another concerning development has surfaced involving a PIA flight attendant who has reportedly gone missing in Canada, making it the 14th such incident involving the national carrier’s flights to Toronto.

Noor Sher, one of the crew members on board flight PK 781 bound for Toronto, did not return as scheduled, further exacerbating the list of missing staff members.

According to reports, there is speculation that these employees may have sought asylum in Canada. Notably, a female flight attendant who was detained in Toronto had been rostered for duty despite prior warnings advising against it.

Investigations are currently underway by separate committees from the aviation ministry and PIA, with disciplinary actions and terminations already being considered. Updates on the case of Hina Sani, another missing flight attendant, are eagerly anticipated as the investigation progresses.

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