Friday, April 19, 2024

Apple and Google to be Investigated by UK’s watchdog

As per sources, on June 15 – Britain’s competition watchdog launched its latest probe into tech giants, said that it would investigate whether Apple and Google’s dominance of operating systems in mobile phones along with their play stores and web browsers hurt consumers.

Competitors and Markets Authority further stated, they will do “market research” to see whether the pair’s cost-effective market was overpowering competitors and tearing off customers, or hurting companies like app developers.

Governments throughout the world are exploring the increasing regulation of U.S. technology giants that have become even more powerful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Britain is setting up a dedicated unit within the CMA to keep the tech giants in check and encourage digital competition.

The CMA said the new investigation into mobile environments would be more extensive than a portion of the other competition tests it as of now has into Apple’s App Store and Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

“We’re looking into whether this could create problems for consumers and the businesses that want to reach people through their phones. Our ongoing work into big tech has already uncovered some worrying trends and we know consumers and businesses could be harmed if they go unchecked” said CMA’s chief executive Andrea Coscelli, on Tuesday during a press conference.

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