Monday, April 15, 2024

Apple Announces Job Vacancies in UAE with Salary above 8000 Dirhams

US technology giant Apple has announced new vacancies across various departments, including marketing, sales, business development, and retail. Renowned globally for its employee-centric environment, Apple has stringent rules when it comes to hiring new talent. All employees are expected to be flexible with their schedules, as work hours will be based on the business needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the available positions and their requirements:

1. Creative:

  • Requirement: Able to teach small groups and multiple customers simultaneously, comfortable with sales and teaching, and willing to assist team members as needed.

2. Expert:

  • Requirement: Leader in sales, product knowledge, and solutions. Should be able to turn mild customer curiosity into intense interest and ownership. Strong people skills, approachability, and good listening skills are essential.

3. Business Expert:

  • Requirement: Good understanding of how businesses use technology and what Apple solutions can offer. Comfortable using the phone to interact with customers, facilitate business experiences, and at least one year of experience selling in the business market.

4. Operations Expert:

  • Requirement: Leadership skills, strong organizational abilities, ability to manage multiple inventory deadlines, and ensure secure access to products in the stockroom.

5. Specialist:

  • Requirement: Ability to support store team members, turn store visitors into loyal customers, quick learner with an interest in technology, particularly Apple products, and strong communication skills.

6. Genius:

  • Requirement: Skilled technician capable of troubleshooting and repairing products, educating team members, excellent time management skills, and quick decision-making abilities.

7. Business Pro:

  • Requirement: At least three years of successful sales experience in technology or business solutions, helping customers discover how Apple products can transform their work and building customer relationships.

8. Technical Specialist:

  • Requirement: Ability to assess customers’ support needs, contribute to an inclusive environment, and provide solutions or referrals to team members. Both full-time and part-time positions available.

9. Regional Sales Leader:

  • Requirement: Trusted leader comfortable in tough situations, capable of settling disputes and negotiations with minimal noise.

10. Sales and Business Development:

  • Requirement:

    Based in Dubai, responsible for managing channel programs and supporting the sales team. University degree holder or equivalent experience required.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents:

Interested candidates must possess relevant qualifications and experience as per the specific job requirements. Applicants should submit a comprehensive resume outlining their education, work experience, and skills relevant to the position they are applying for. Additionally, candidates may be required to provide references and any certifications relevant to the job.

How to Apply:

Candidates interested in applying for these exciting job opportunities with Apple in Dubai can visit the official Apple Careers website. They can search for available positions based on their qualifications and interests, and submit their applications online through the designated portal. Make sure to carefully review the job descriptions and requirements before applying to ensure a good fit for the desired position.

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