Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Apple Hiring Engineers to Develop 6G Wireless Technology

Few months ago, Apple launched its first iPhones with 5G wireless speeds. It is also looking to start working on sixth generation cellular networking, or 6G, suggesting that it aims to be a technology leader instead of depending on other businesses.

This week, the Cupertino, California-based company posted job ads for current and next generation networks seeking wireless device research engineers. The listings are for jobs at the Silicon Valley and San Diego offices of Apple, where the company is focusing on the advancement of wireless technology and chip design.

People working for the positions will “research and design next-generation (6G) radio access network wireless communication systems” and “participate passionately in 6G technology in industry/academic forums.” Industry watchers do not expect 6G to roll out until around 2030, but the job listings show that Apple wants to be active in the implementation of the new technology at the earliest stages.

While Apple is setting the groundwork for 6G to be a major player, it has a lot of work ahead to make full use of 5G, a technology in its infancy. The company has not extended 5G to other devices such as the Apple Watch and iPad, and offers some versions of iPhone that use older 4G technology. The first modem from Apple is likely to be for 5G networking.

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