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Apple iPhone 15 Series Price in Pakistan with PTA Tax

The new iPhone 15 series, which consists of four models i.e. iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, was recently introduced by Apple. The Dynamic Island, a new and robust design for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, houses a potent 48MP main camera and an A16 Bionic processor. The next-generation A17 Pro chip with a number of enhancements will be found in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Actual Prices of iPhone 15 Series

The price of the iPhone 15 base model, 128 GB is Rs.236,000 ($799), 256 GB is Rs.265,500 ($899) and 512 GB is Rs.324,600 ($1099).

The price of the iPhone 15 Plus, 128 GB is Rs.265,500 ($899), 256 GB is Rs.295,000 ($999) and 512 GB is Rs.354,100 ($1199).

The price of the iPhone 15 Pro, 128 GB is Rs.295,000 ($999), 256 GB is Rs.324,600 ($1099) and 512 GB is Rs.383,700 ($1299).

The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, 128 GB is Rs.354,100 ($1199), 256 GB is Rs.383,700 ($1299) and 512 GB is Rs.442,700 ($1499).

ModelVariantActual Price
iPhone 15128 GBRs.236,000
iPhone 15256 GBRs.265,500
iPhone 15512 GBRs.324,600
iPhone 15 Plus128 GBRs.265,500
iPhone 15 Plus256 GBRs.295,000
iPhone 15 Plus512 GBRs.354,100
iPhone 15 Pro128 GBRs.295,000
iPhone 15 Pro256 GBRs.324,600
iPhone 15 Pro512 GBRs.383,700
iPhone 15 Pro Max128 GBRs.354,100
iPhone 15 Pro Max256 GBRs.383,700
iPhone 15 Pro Max512 GBRs.442,700

PTA Tax Cost of iPhone 15 Series

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has imposed specific tax rates on various Apple iPhone 15 series models.

For the Apple iPhone 15, the PTA tax on Passport registration stands at PKR 107,325, while for CNIC registration, it amounts to PKR 130,708. Similarly, the Apple iPhone 15 Plus incurs a PTA tax of PKR 113,075 for Passport registration and PKR 137,033 for CNIC registration.

Moving up the range, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro is subject to a PTA tax of PKR 122,275 for Passport registration and PKR 147,153 for CNIC registration. Finally, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max bears a PTA tax of PKR 131,130 for Passport registration and PKR 156,893 for CNIC registration. It’s essential to note that for all these models, PTA tax payments must be made within 30 days for Passport registration and within 60 days for CNIC registration to comply with the regulatory requirements.

ModelPTA Tax on PassportPTA Tax on CNIC
iPhone 15Rs.107,325Rs.130,708
iPhone 15 PlusRs.113,075Rs.137,033
iPhone 15 ProRs.122,275Rs.147,153
iPhone 15 Pro MaxRs.131,130Rs.156,893

Total Price of iPhone 15 Series including Tax

Following is the total price a Pakistani has to pay with Tax in order to buy iPhone 15 series variants.

ModelVariantTotal Price on PassportTotal Price on CNIC
iPhone 15128 GBRs.343,325Rs. 366,708
iPhone 15256 GBRs.372,825Rs.396,208
iPhone 15512 GBRs.431,925Rs.455,308
iPhone 15 Plus128 GBRs.378,575Rs.396,208
iPhone 15 Plus256 GBRs.408,075Rs.432,033
iPhone 15 Plus512 GBRs.467,175Rs.491,133
iPhone 15 Pro128 GBRs.417,275Rs.442,153
iPhone 15 Pro256 GBRs.446,875Rs.471,753
iPhone 15 Pro512 GBRs.505,975Rs.530,853
iPhone 15 Pro Max128 GBRs.485,230Rs.510,993
iPhone 15 Pro Max256 GBRs.514,830Rs.540,593
iPhone 15 Pro Max512 GBRs. 573,830Rs. 599,593

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