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Apple is Testing Foldable iPhone’s Display and In-Display Fingerprint Sensors for iPhone 13

iPhone 13 by Apple is expected to have in-display fingerprint sensors as well as high refresh rate displays as the company is testing them as per the reports. Recent the report claims that the company, Apple has started its “early work” on their upcoming foldable phone iPhone 13.

We have heard previously that Apple is testing its upcoming foldable iPhone’s hinge and also its durability, but the current reports now states that a foldable display is in testing phase currently. Alike other foldable phones, this iPhone would also allow Apple to just create a much unique and larger display that is innovative and easy to put in pocket while in folding position.

Apple is designing “mostly invisible hinge” rather than the visible ones with its electronics behind the new display as per the rumor and this will also separates its two panels. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg has anticipated that this foldable iPhone is still many years away as the Apple is focusing on its current main iPhone series.

iPhone 13 major design is not expected to get changed as compared to the latest iPhone 12 series. Rumors regarding this also suggest that once again the Apple is considering its “S” models, similar to the lineup of iPhone X.

As previously mentioned, Apple is also focusing and working on its in-display fingerprint sensors that are similar to the Android phones. This would definitely be a first trial for Apple because no previously launched iPhone series had ever featured any in-display fingerprint sensor like this.

It would also make for the convenient secondary type unlocking option that is next to the Face ID for the people who just cannot unlock their iPhones while putting-up or wearing a mask on the face.

Apple could remove its FaceID also completely as if their in-display fingerprint reader turns out to be a reliable and a fast system. We may see a notch-less iPhones soon or the smaller notches on the iPhone 13. In the coming months, people are expecting to hear like more on the upcoming iPhone 13 and the foldable iPhones.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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