Monday, September 25, 2023

Apple Issues Serious Warning On Charging iPhones While Sleeping

A stark message from Apple has put a spotlight on a common practice that many of us take for granted, charging our iPhones overnight while we sleep. What seems like a routine task might have unforeseen consequences. And Apple is urging users to pay attention to potential risks involved.

Potential for Damage and Hazards

Apple has stressed that leaving your iPhone to charge overnight might lead to severe damage to the device and even pose potential health hazards. The company pointed out that this behavior could result in fires and electric shocks. The danger is compounded if the phone is covered up, hindering proper ventilation and potentially causing overheating.

Sleeping with Charging Devices

Apple’s warning extends beyond just charging your phone while you sleep. They firmly advise against sleeping on a device, power adapter, or wireless charger, and emphasize keeping them away from under blankets, pillows, or your body while connected to a power source. This advice is especially important for individuals who might have difficulty sensing heat due to physical conditions.

Third-Party Chargers and Safety Standards

Cheaper chargers might lack the safety protocols found in official Apple products. And potentially increase the risk of fire hazards. To mitigate this, Apple suggests opting for cables labeled as “Made for iPhone,” as these adhere to globally recognized safety standards.

Charging Near Liquids and Damage

Apple’s cautionary note doesn’t stop at overnight charging. The company strongly advises against charging your iPhone near water or any other liquid. Furthermore, using damaged cables or chargers, or charging when moisture is present, can pose fire, electric shock, injury, or damage risks to both the iPhone and other property.

This cautionary message from Apple serves as a reminder to reconsider our charging habits for the well-being of both our phones and ourselves.

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