Monday, April 15, 2024

Apple Mac Fan 3d Prints Fully Functional Copy of 1986 Mac Plus

Kevin Noki, a dedicated Mac enthusiast from Germany, has embarked on an impressive and ambitious project that showcases his passion for retro computing.

He successfully crafted a fully functional replica of the 1986 Mac Plus using a 3D printer and named his creation the “Brewintish Plus.” This labor-intensive project demanded a substantial investment of time and effort, spanning over 40 weekends of meticulous work to achieve the desired result.

As an avid collector of vintage Mac computers, Kevin was driven to undertake this project due to the increasing difficulty of finding a working original Mac Plus, particularly in his region.

Despite acquiring a used and non-operational unit from eBay, which came with a broken power supply and a missing floppy disk drive, Kevin opted for a detailed and authentic approach rather than taking the easier route of installing a Raspberry Pi for emulation.

Kevin’s meticulous approach involved carefully modeling each individual part of the original Mac Plus and then 3D printing them to create precise replicas.

To ensure the accuracy, functionality, and quality of the replicated parts, he utilized AutoDesk Fusion 460 software to render these components according to exact production specifications.

In addition to faithfully replicating the design of the original Mac Plus, Kevin incorporated innovative enhancements to improve the functionality and usability of the Brewintish Plus. He ingeniously augmented a USB floppy drive reader with an Arduino-controlled motor, which he programmed himself.

This creative enhancement not only showcases Kevin’s technical prowess but also highlights his ability to integrate modern technology with vintage hardware, resulting in a more versatile and functional replica.

Throughout the duration of the project, Kevin demonstrated a diverse range of skills, including 3D modeling, 3D printing, soldering, and programming, to bring his ambitious vision to life.

Despite facing numerous challenges and complexities during the intricate process, Kevin’s unwavering dedication to preserving computing history and ensuring accessibility for future generations is truly commendable.

His commitment to celebrating and reviving the legacy of vintage computers through the Brewintish Plus serves as a testament to his passion, creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship in the realm of retro computing.

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