Saturday, June 15, 2024

Apple Will Soon Let you Control Your iPhone and iPad Just Using Your Eyes

Apple has announced a new feature that allows users to control their iPhones and iPads using only their eyes. This innovative tool, called eye tracking, uses the front-facing camera and artificial intelligence (AI) to let users navigate their devices.

When setting up eye tracking, the camera quickly calibrates to recognize the user’s eyes, ensuring that the process is fast and simple. Apple has also emphasized privacy: all data for this feature is processed on the device itself and is not shared with Apple or stored externally.

This eye-tracking feature is part of a broader set of accessibility updates Apple revealed this week. These updates are designed to make Apple products easier to use for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, highlighted the company’s long-standing commitment to accessibility. “For nearly 40 years, Apple has focused on creating products that are accessible to everyone,” Cook said. “We believe in the power of innovation to improve lives, and these new features show our dedication to providing the best possible experience for all users.”

By integrating accessibility features into both hardware and software, Apple continues to push the boundaries of what technology can do. The introduction of eye tracking is a testament to their mission of making technology more inclusive and user-friendly.

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