Thursday, September 21, 2023

Apple’s Emergency Satellite SOS Feature Saves Family Caught in Wildfires

The wildfire in Maui County, Hawaii, is said to be the worst in the United States’ history. But in the midst of this terrible situation, an iPhone helped save a family. Last year, Apple released the iPhone 14 series with a special feature to send emergency messages using satellites.

This helps when there’s no cell signal or Wi-Fi. This feature recently helped a family in Hawaii who were trapped by the fire. When their home was surrounded by flames and they couldn’t get a phone signal, someone with an iPhone 14 used the emergency SOS feature.

This made the iPhone connect to a satellite and ask questions to understand the problem. It then sent this important information and the person’s exact location to the right people who could help. This same thing happened in the Maui fire. Even with the fire all around and bad visibility, someone used the iPhone’s emergency feature.

It sent important details, like where they were and who to contact, to the rescue teams. Even in the middle of a big fire, the advanced technology in the iPhone helped people in trouble get help quickly.

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