Monday, February 26, 2024

Arnab Goswami Caught Lying: Another Embarrassment Indian Media

Netizens lambasted and ridiculed Indian prime time anchor Arnab Goswami for spreading false information about the presence of Pakistani intelligence personnel on the fifth level of a two-story hotel in the Afghan capital.

He has been caught red-faced again again, this time on national television, peddling another anti-Pakistan conspiracy idea that has no validity in the first place, according to Geo News.

Goswami, who is known for being a “puppet” of India’s ruling party, recently claimed that Pakistan Army officers were present on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel. He accused Pakistani intelligence officers of aiding the Taliban in their war for control of Afghanistan’s Panjshir valley, which is now under Taliban control.

The audacious fake news about the Serena hotel has left Indian media red-faced, following the bizarre stories of Lollywood actors’ deaths in Panjshir valley. The Indian media has published a slew of false and amusing stories about Pakistani security forces, but only to disgrace themselves.

In actuality, the Afghan capital’s lodging facility is a two-story structure, and the Republic World TV anchor’s mistake regarding the unseen fifth floor has left him red-faced. The war-mongering broadcaster can be heard in the viral video talking about his informants keeping an eye on Pakistani forces in Afghanistan.

Goswami stated that his knowledge on the Taliban split had proven to be real, despite the fact that he was talking about nothing but a fake. According to him, the resistance in Panjshir is continuing while Pakistani security services are assisting the Taliban.

“You go and check on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel, I am telling you, please check, the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel in Kabul, how many Pakistani army officers are there?” the Indian journalist shouted during a heated confrontation with PTI’s Abdul Samad Yaqoob.

Goswami, who was confident in his claims, further urged that the Pakistani officers’ room numbers should be given.

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