Friday, September 22, 2023

Arshad Sharif’s Daughter Aleeza Arshad Makes Debut as Reporter for ARY News

Aleeza Arshad, daughter of the late journalist Arshad Sharif, has chosen to pursue a career in journalism as a reporter, inspired by her father’s dedication to investigative journalism. Unfortunately, her father passed away in a tragic incident in Kenya in 2022. However, Aleeza’s decision to carry on her father’s legacy has been warmly received by admirers and colleagues of Arshad Sharif.

As Aleeza makes her debut as a reporter, her work has already garnered attention. She caught the eye of Shehbaz Gill, a leader from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, who shared one of her TV reports on Twitter and extended his best wishes for her future. This recognition from a prominent political figure showcases the potential impact Aleeza could have in the field of journalism.

In addition to the support from Shehbaz Gill, social media users have expressed their encouragement and welcomed Aleeza to the journalism industry. They acknowledge her father’s significant contributions to the field and commend Aleeza for her determination to follow in his footsteps. The outpouring of support reflects the recognition of her family’s journalistic legacy and the expectations that Aleeza carries as she embarks on her own career.

By choosing to pursue journalism, Aleeza Arshad is not only honoring her late father’s passion but also continuing his mission of delivering impactful and investigative reporting. With the support she has garnered from various quarters, Aleeza has a strong foundation as she begins her own journey in the world of journalism.

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