Monday, March 4, 2024

Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar Saves Injured Youngster’s Life by Taking him to Hospital in his Car

Hazeem Bhangwar, the Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimabad in Karachi, Pakistan, came to the rescue of a young man who was injured in a car accident. The incident took place in front of the Deputy Commissioner Central’s office on Shahrah-e-Jahangir, when a speeding vehicle hit the young man, causing severe injuries, and then fled the scene.

Without wasting any time, Assistant Commissioner Hazeem Bhangwar acted swiftly and transported the injured youth, who was lying on the road, to a nearby private hospital in his own car. His immediate action played a crucial role in saving the young man’s life.

Assistant Commissioner Hazeem Bhangwar reported that the injured youth’s condition is now stable and he is out of danger. The news of his heroic act spread quickly on social media, with images and videos of the injured being transferred to the hospital by Assistant Commissioner Hazeem Bhangwar going viral. People on social media platforms have expressed their appreciation for his prompt and life-saving action.

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