Sunday, July 14, 2024

Astronomers Predicts Expected Date of Zilhaj in Pakistan

Astronomy experts have provided information regarding the possible dates for sighting the moon to determine the Islamic month of Zilhaj in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

According to the International Astronomical Centre (IAC), it is anticipated that Monday, June 19, will mark the beginning of the month of Zilhaj in many countries. The day of Arafah is expected to fall on Tuesday, June 27, followed by the first day of Eidul Azha on Wednesday, June 28.

In Pakistan, the 18th of June will correspond to the 28th of Zilqad, while the moon sighting committee will convene on Monday, June 19, which is the 29th of Zilqad.

The first day of Zilhaj in Pakistan is expected to be on Tuesday, June 20, or Wednesday, June 21. As a result, Eidul Azha may be celebrated in the country on Thursday, June 29, or Friday, June 30.

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