Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Athlete Holding 100 Guinness Records Returns Rs 0.5 Million to KP Govt Over ‘Disrespectful Behaviour’

Irfan Mehsood, a famous athlete from South Waziristan, got a lot of attention recently. He did something surprising – he returned a prize cheque worth Rs0.5 million to the KP Sports Department. Mehsood is well-known for being really good at martial arts and fitness. In fact, he’s broken a whopping 100 Guinness World Records!

Mehsood wasn’t happy with how the sports department treated him. He made videos on social media to explain why. He said the officials were disrespectful to him. The problem started when Mehsood asked the KP sports department for equipment for his club. Instead of helping him, they started bargaining with him. They offered him less money than he needed – only Rs0.2 million. Mehsood felt really upset about this and said, “If you can’t respect us, don’t insult us.”

Mehsood has achieved a lot in athletics, which made him famous nationwide. He even got the Presidential Pride of Performance Award, which is a really big deal. One of the coolest things about him is that he’s the first Pakistani to get 100 Guinness World Records! One of his amazing records is lifting 63kg with his toe, beating Italy’s Marcello Ferri.

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