Monday, February 26, 2024

Atlas Honda Has Recorded the Highest Ever Motorbikes Sales in October 2021

Despite Atlas Honda’s recent broad series of price hikes announced this year, the company has maintained excellent sales and earnings on a consistent basis.

According to a latest update, the bike maker’s October 2021 sales were the most ever.
The company broke its own sales record, which it had set in March of this year, by selling over 124,000 units. The company is increasing production even further in response to the high demand.

The company sold 125,031 motorcycles in the previous month, which was 14% rise from the previous month and 8% increase year over year (YOY).

Despite this, the costs of these Honda motorcycles have risen, as its demand have increased as well. Atlas Honda is unlikely to face any competition because it has such a broad footprint in the automobile industry.

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