Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Atlas Honda Increases Motorbike Prices Again in January

In January, Atlas Honda boosted prices of its motorcycles for the second time. The CD70, Pakistan’s highest-selling motorbike, will now be available at a price of Rs81,900 after the hike.

The top-of-the-line model in the two-wheel segment, CB150F after a rise of Rs3,400, will now cost Rs250,900 according to details.

The price of CB125F, meanwhile, increased by a similar sum to Rs195,900.

In addition, CG125 will now cost Rs. 131,900, Pridor will cost Rs. 113,500 and CD70 Dream will cost Rs. 87,900.

The price of the CG125S was boosted to Rs162,900 from Rs3,400.

New rates will be applicable from 1 February, said the manufacturer’s notice.

The business raised bike prices by as much as Rs3,000 earlier in January.

Meanwhile, from Rs500 to Rs10,000, Chinese bike manufacturers Unified, Super Capacity, Hi Speed and Special have also increased their bike prices.

Yamaha announced that the price of the bike will also be increased.

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