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Audi A3 Price in Pakistan 2023 – Variants, Specs, and Features

If you want to buy a car and confused about which brand to choose, then AUDI is the best choice u can make. You can completely rely on AUDI for it provides the most stylish and safe cars because of its car-to-X capability. From a roaring sports car, a sleek coupe, a simple hatchback to a classy saloon, AUDI provides the best luxury cars that completely satisfy your preferences and tastes.


Audi introduced Sedan A3 2021, the next generation of model A3, which comes with more and more new specs, features and technology.

Car Exteriors:

  • Wonderful headlights:

In order to provide safe driving, Audi has proposed an optional LED headlight equipment that Focuses on different things with different level of brightness to ensure a safe drive even in the night.


Fabulous and charming design and dynamic of Audi A3 has reevaluate sportiness. It comes with more aggressive body lines, solid and rigid surface, new exterior headlights, low and streaming rooftops, coupe like roof slopes, revised taillights and rear fascia, sporty exterior appearance and other joined coupe character with an exquisite appeal. The most energetic, dominant, and flared mudguards with pronounced wheel arches surround the wheels. In short, the car’s appearance itself speaks for the hard work that has put in designing this amazing and breathtakingly fascinating car.


Car interior has a more angular appearance and much more driver-focused Cockpit. It features angular dash with curved appearance. It has a little extra headroom because of the lower seat position. Due to the lower seat position center console also sits higher.


  • Audi A3 comes with 2.0 liters four cylinder diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Diesel provides 150 hp and gives 265.5 pound-feet of torque.
  • Gasoline also provides 150 hp and delivers a torque of 184.4 pound-feet.
  • The fuel consumption of Audi A3 for Gasoline is 47-50 MPG.
  • Diesel has a fuel economy of 60-65 MPG.
  • It provides a top speed of 144MPH.
  • It can attain a maximum speed of 0-62 MPH in about 8.4 seconds.
  • One of the exclusive features of Audi A3 family is the traffic jam assist. It is an optional system that comes with a distinctive go and stop function.
  • Emergency assist is also an astonishing feature of Audi A3 that has an automatic stop and Go function to maintain a safe distance from the upcoming car to avoid accidents.
  • It also provides rear traffic crossing assistance that starts producing alarms as soon as the car touches another to avoid any kind of crash.

  • Audi virtual cockpit provides a clear view of all the data. For 12.3 display it has 2 modes: A classic view; in which instruments are equal to conventional display, while the other one is MIB 3 infotainment software with Audi connect services, which provides a bigger central window in front to facilitate the other features as navigation.
  • Audi most utilized engine is turbo fuel stratified injection which in Audi A3 comes with 1.2tfsi.


some basic Audi A3 specs are given below;

LENGTH 1.6 inches [5.9 inches longer than the sport back]
WIDTH 0.8 inches
HEIGHT 0.4 inches
MMI-Touch display(angled more towards the driver) 10.1 inches
Digital instrument Cluster with 3 views 12.3 inches
Headroom up front extra space 0.8 inches
Size Compact
Displacement 2.0L

Price of Audi A3:

Audi A3 Price in Pakistan is very reasonable and ranges from 4,650,000- 6,050,000 PKR.

This is amazing that Audi A3 is now also available in Pakistan with its amazing features and specs to amaze everyone.

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