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Audi A5 Price in Pakistan 2023 – Full Specs and Pictures

Audi is a well-known automobile brand, and many people in Pakistan like to purchase Audi vehicles. However, the Audi price in Pakistan depends largely on the model or type.

Audi A5 is a smart purchase because of its impressively luxurious exterior and comfy interior. In addition, it is known for its performance and reliability. However, the Audi price in Pakistan varies according to type or model.

In Pakistan, the Audi car is the most favorite and preferred car brand. However, Audi’s price in Pakistan is very expensive, so only wealthy businessmen, urban elites, or the upper class can afford it.

Audi’s creator’s name was August Horch. Audi’s headquarters are present in Germany and Bavaria. Its logo symbolizes a merge of 4 automobiles manufacturers based in Germany. In Pakistan, it is available in various variants. They are well known for their speed, elegant designs, fuel efficiency, and environmentally beneficial conduct.

Audi A5-Specs and Features

Let us discuss Audi A5 with its features, specification, and prices in Pakistan 2023.

The luxurious car of the 2nd generation that is an Audi A5, is leaner, lighter, and has a better sport back. This stylish car has impressive cutting-edge technology and excellent built-in quality. The price of the Audi A5 in Pakistan is highly competitive as compared to other models.

Audi A5 Specs

Key Features of Audi A5

  • Audi A5 possesses alloy wheels also multifunctional steering wheel.
  • It is available having an automatic transmission.
  • Its engine type is 2.0 L TFSI petrol engine
  • It has 4 inline cylinders
  • It comes with a 7-speed stronic gearbox
  • Audi A5 has a fuel tank capacity of almost 15.3 gallons
  • It has a central locking system as well as anti-lock braking for safety purposes.
  • It has 5 seating capacity.
  • The automobile is able to accept Gasoline Fuel Type
  • It possesses a power steering
  • It includes an anti-theft device
  • Audi A5 includes a standard sound system also with an MP3 player
  • For comfort, it also has parking sensors

Key Specifications of Audi A5

Fuel Tank Capacity  54.0  
Engine Displacement (cc)  1968  
Body Type  Sedan
Seating Capacity  5
Fuel Type  Diesel

Other specifications

length1,84.9 in
width72.7 in
height54 in
Wheelbase1,08.8 in
Base curb weight (pounds)3,715 pounds
Fuel tank capacity15.3

Audi A5 Price in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistani rupees, the average price of an Audi is between 4 and 50 million.

The following table includes the prices of a few models of Audi A5 in Pakistan:

Audi A5 Models in PakistanPrice in Pakistan
Audi A5 2014 S-line   PKR 10,500,000-11,400,000
Audi A5 Sport back Premium 40 TFSI Quattro    PKR 22,800,000
Audi A5 1.4 TFSI SportbackPKR 13,770,000
Audi A5 2018 1.4 TSFI sportbackPKR 13,770,000


It concludes our discussion on the Audi A5 Price in Pakistan in 2023. We have provided details on the Audi A5 car, which is Pakistan’s most gorgeous and luxurious vehicle. Wealthy families and individuals utilize this car.

Hopefully, this article will help you in better knowledge about the Audi A5 car and its specifications.

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