Friday, March 1, 2024

Ayesha Saleem: Visually Impaired Student from UMT Lahore Completes her PhD Degree

People with a strong will and commitment do not let their path to success be hampered by any impairment. It was proven to be real by a Pakistani, Ayesha Saleem from Lahore.

At the age of three months, Ayesha lost her eyesight but she did not let this imparity hold her back and she continued pursuing her higher studies.

Ayesha Saleem, a visually impaired scholar at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, was awarded a PhD degree by the University of Management and Technology (UMT). The only widely acclaimed study of its kind in Pakistan is her PhD thesis entitled “Challenges and Needs of Novice Public School Teachers on Elementary Level Classroom Management in Lahore.”

It should be noted that Ayesha is UMT’s first talented visually impaired scholar to complete her PhD in Education. Under the guidance of Rector UMT Dr Muhammad Aslam and Supervisors Dr. Sajid Masood and Dr. Yar Muhammad, Ayesha Saleem Kopi performed a dissertation.

Despite all her disabilities, Ayesha has illustrated an argument by obtaining a Ph.D. that no external barrier will hold you back if you have a mountainous resolve to achieve your goal.

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