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Pakistan’s Gaming Industry leading at a Global level by Azad Chaiwala

At the age of 21, Azad Chaiwala became a Dollar Millionaire in the casual gaming industry. He is the operator of the global website for gaming, FOG.

After acquiring the domain for $65,000 and later buying FOGdotcom for $252,500, FreeOnlineGamesdotcom aka FOG was initially launched on GeoCities and then rebranded as FreeOnlineGamesdotcom itself sometime in 2000/2001.

On its own website, FOG has welcomed more than 2 billion game players.

The reason behind the tremendous success of FOG was that it gave away free casual games which were of high quality.

The syndicated network of FOG’s tens of thousands of other big and small websites meant that every single month over 500,000,000 users played FOG’S games.

FOG was ranked in the top 700 most popular websites in the world at its height.

Over 600 games were published by FOG studios, with a huge chunk created by Azad himself.

One of his favourite ventures may have been FOG, but it wasn’t the only one. Once the winning formula was known to Azad, he co-founded more than a dozen other gaming portals with varying high success rates and all enormously profitable. This is where the first taste of inspiring others and making millionaires came from Azad Chaiwala.

The one game that Azad frequently mentions is called “DIRT BIKE” which has been played 3 billion times alone. It was written in Flash and was released in 2003, and 5 more versions have been popular to date.

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