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Azad Kashmir Govt Buying Mercedes Worth 18 Crore Despite inflation

The Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has raised eyebrows by announcing a tender for the purchase of an opulent Mercedes Benz S.580 AMG Premium Plus Executive edition at a time when the import of essential goods like medicine and lentils is facing difficulties due to the dire state of the country’s foreign exchange reserves. You did read that correctly. This car’s base model typically costs $124,000 in various markets worldwide.

The vehicle is anticipated to be added to the Services and General Administration Department’s Central Transport Pool (S&GAD). According to the tender, the car must be a black metallic Mercedes Benz Car S.580 2022–23 model, unregistered, zero-meter, AMG Line Premium Plus, with standard extras. Despite the seemingly normal nature of this tender, it has caused a stir on social media as individuals query the government’s priorities and judgement.

  • Day of the Bid

Outrage is being raised about the tender’s timing as well as the price of the car. The choice to spend such a significant sum of money on a luxury car appears insensitive, given that the country is now dealing with high inflation rates, skyrocketing costs of necessities, and an unpredictable economy. Due to the current foreign exchange crisis, many businesses cannot get Letters of Credit to import the supplies they require for operations. It is difficult to defend the purchase of a luxury car from overseas in such a situation while other crucial economic sectors are struggling to survive.

One wonders whether the AJK government intends to use the car to travel over the challenging mountainous terrain or if it will be saved for more critical missions like carrying VIPs. We may only guess, but one thing is sure: the government’s action raises concerns about its objectives.

For those who adore Mercedes, this tender could be ideal for owning a high-end vehicle. The AJK PPRA Regulations 2017 govern the procurement process for this tender, and prospective suppliers must fulfil specific requirements to be qualified to participate. The Central Transport Pool’s bid documents, which include comprehensive specifications, terms and conditions, and other pertinent data, are available to prospective suppliers during regular business hours.

Outrage has been generated by the AJK government’s decision to buy a Mercedes Benz S.580 AMG Premium Plus Plus Executive edition when the nation is dealing with numerous economic difficulties. Some might see it as a business opportunity, while others think it’s a tone-deaf approach. If you’re considering it

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