Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Azhar Mahmood Steps into the Entrepreneurial Fraternity and Brings a UK Inspired Co Working Space to Islamabad

Tired of the ordinary?
TheWing.Pk is a contemporary multi-use centre with a comprehensive vision to assist you take your flight to victory, unleashing the best of your abilities. Our generous co-working space provides a safe, flexible, and hybrid workplace for you and your team to thrive in a dynamic and booming environment.

Thewing.pk provides services which include Hot Desking, Premium Office space, Meeting Room, Conference Room & Event space. TheWing.pk space is not just assemblage of desks, designer offices, and a superb café but being premium, inspiring & fully equipped with amenities it houses array of businesses from tech to creative, from start ups to SMEs to corporate, from freelancers to remote workers, we have got your back.

TheWing.Pk promotes women-led businesses, our women empowerment program ensures great support & guidance for female entrepreneurs and small business leaders. Thewing.Pk also takes pride in offering special discounts to women entrepreneurs offering an extra 25% off this February to women entrepreneurs.

The brains behind thewing.pk are Mrs. Ebba Qureshi (CEO) who is an experienced campaigner working in PR, Marketing & high-profile events. An entrepreneur that has been at the forefront of running women empowerment projects for over a decade & Mr Azhar Mahmood (Endorser) who has represented Pakistan in three Cricket World cups. Pakistan won the Champions Trophy in 2017 under his tenure as a leader who upscaled his bowlers, so expect yourselves to be in good company.

We are delighted that we already have a UK based Tech company (Accotech) sitting with us, so why not have a go at housing at our premium co-working space ?

So, visit your inspiring coworking space located opposite Giga Mall DHA 2 or by clicking www.thewing.pk.

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