Friday, May 31, 2024

Babar Azam Himself Pulled Out of the Hundred 2022

The Pakistan captain has planned to retire from The Hundred event this summer. Despite being one of the most expensive players in the draft, Babar Azam chose not to enter the competition for personal reasons.

Babar Azam has decided to take time off from cricket until the following international series after being named an ODI-Aeries player for hundreds of consecutive wins against Australia.

Due to the lack of Pakistani games in the coming months, most players signed up for the County Championship and other divisions. On the other hand, Babar Azam did not join any county clubs and was not drafted by The Hundred.

Many cricket fans were surprised to see that the top T20 batsman was among the most expensive players in the selection, but he did not sell.

As per experts, the reason has now been revealed that Babar Azam refused to participate.

Babar told our sources that he has been playing in biosecure bubbles nonstop, so he wants to rest and spend time with his family during Ramadan.

The cricket star has decided not to compete in any league for the next few months to relax and spend time with his family.

The captain has also decided to use his time off from international cricket to prepare for the home series against the West Indies.

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