Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Babar Azam Wearing ‘GPS Vest’ not Undergarment while Gifting Jersey to his Fan

The popular Pakistani cricket captain, Babar Azam, became the center of attention for wearing a GPS Vest under his jersey.

Fans noticed Babar Azam wearing a unique garment after the team’s triumph over Sri Lanka in the 2nd Test match at Colombo, when Babar generously gifted his jersey to a boy. Fans worldwide were quick to notice his GPS Vest, however, they mistook it for an undergarment.

Contrary to the viral memes, the quirky garment turned out to be an athletic essential that tracks and monitors the on-field performance.

The GPS Vest is equipped with sensors in a pod which includes, GPS, accelerometer, and magnetometer positioned between the shoulder blades. The vest tracks vital metrics like distance covered, sprint distance, top speed, and total sprints during the game, allowing players to monitor and improve their performance accordingly.

The comment section also opinionated on the fact that Babar Azam might be wearing the vest to monitor his heart rate and caloric burn.

However, Pakistan achieved a triumphant series sweep against Sri Lanka with a convincing victory in the second Test Match marking their first Test Series win after defeating Bangladesh in November’21.

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