Monday, March 4, 2024

‘Babar Azam will Perform Better without Captaincy Pressure’, Muhammad Hafeez

The Director of the Pakistan men’s cricket team, Mohammad Hafeez, has shared his belief that Babar Azam, the former captain, will experience an improvement in his batting performance when relieved of the captaincy responsibilities.

Hafeez, who recently assumed the role of Director, conveyed this perspective during a press conference held in anticipation of Pakistan’s upcoming tour of Australia.

According to Hafeez, Babar Azam’s contributions as a batsman for Pakistan are highly commendable. However, Hafeez contends that the additional pressure associated with being the captain can potentially hinder a player’s individual performance.

By removing the captaincy burden from Babar Azam, Hafeez envisions that the talented batsman will have the freedom to concentrate solely on enhancing his batting skills.

Hafeez acknowledged the inherent pressures that come with captaincy in cricket and emphasized that Babar Azam has already been making significant contributions to Pakistan cricket.

The expectation is that without the captaincy responsibilities, Babar Azam will be able to further excel in his role as a batsman, ultimately contributing more to Pakistan’s success on the cricket field.

Mohammad Hafeez’s perspective is centered on the idea that relieving Babar Azam of the captaincy will allow him to thrive and reach his full potential as a batsman, unencumbered by the additional demands of leading the team. This move is seen as a strategic decision to maximize Babar Azam’s individual batting prowess for the benefit of the Pakistan cricket team.

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