Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Babar Azam’s father offers Babar’s match fee for treatment of injured women cricketer

Azam Siddique, the father of Pakistan captain Babar Azam, has requested that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) reward lady cricketer Bisma Amjad with the captain’s match pay that he received in the T20 World Cup match against India.

In an Instagram post, Siddique wrote, “I implore PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja to make quick arrangements for national cricketer Bisma Amjad’s treatment.”

“If a person wearing Pakistan’s star [on their uniform] is helpless, then the nation is helpless,” he said, requesting that people refrain from commenting on his post needlessly. Last month, a female cricketer in Karachi suffered a head injury during practice and was rushed to a neighbouring hospital.

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