Friday, May 24, 2024

Balochistan Government to Plant 10 Million Trees in 2022

Balochistan’s government wants to plant 10 million trees this year in order to enhance greenery and reduce the challenges and consequences of global warming.

The spring plantation programme, according to a representative for the provincial Forest Department, will result in the planting of nearly 0.5 million trees across the province.

To reach that target, the province Forest Department will supply seeds to homeowners and cultivate plants themselves during the spring plantation campaign, he said.

He claimed that the provincial administration had decided to construct model nurseries at the district level, and that locals would be involved in a planting drive through a door-to-door campaign. People should plant trees in their yards and neighbourhoods, he said.

He went on to say that the government had prioritised roadside areas for the effort, and that the Forest Department will focus on planting trees in Quetta and other districts’ schools, colleges, public parks, and green belts.

In response to a question, he stated that deforestation will be halted at all costs and that sanctions for illegal cutting will be levied because forest protection is our top concern.

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